Buying Tiffany Jewelry and Links of London Jewelry Tips

Buying jewelry can often be confusing. But you can’t afford to go wrong, since apart from the money involved, there is also an emotional side to buying jewelry. Browse through our buying Tiffany Jewelry tips to get an insight into buying the right jewelry.

Among the most important jewelry buying tips are – always buy jewelry only from a reputed store and read thoroughly through the warranty policy. If it’s an online store, read the company policies, shipping, product return and warranty policies before buying. Also read up on the reviews posted by buyers online.

When buying gold, check the gold Karat. The Karat quality marking informs you about the proportion of gold that is mixed with the other metals. The higher the karat, the more expensive the jewelry. Pure gold is 24 Karat. 18 K jewelry implies jewelry that contains 18 parts of gold, mixed with 6 parts of another metal. Ensure that the company trademark with Karat claim is marked on your jewelry. Gold plated jewelry implies that gold is plated on another base metal and unlike gold, wears with use.

Platinum is costlier than gold. When buying platinum jewelry, check the purity marking, since it also alloyed with other platinum group metals. A marking of 900 or 90% Platinum implies that 900 parts out of 1000 are pure platinum.

Silver used in Links Of London jewelry is also mixed with other metals. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver. It may be marked 925, which means that 925 parts per thousand are pure silver. Men can find a great choice in silver jewelry such as classy silver cuff links, tie bars or an I.D. bracelet. For women, a lovely collection of trendy sterling silver jewelry awaits you at Pick from sterling silver rings, sterling silver earrings, sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver pendants and sterling silver bracelets.

One of the most important jewelry buying tips when it comes to gemstones, is to beware of imitations in plastic and glass. The synthetically manufactured stones are less expensive than naturally mined stones. Gemstones are usually measured by weight. The basic unit for weighing gemstones is the carat. Find out from your jeweler about the care of your gemstone.

When buying diamond jewelry, keep in mind the 4 C’s i.e. color, cut, clarity, and carat. Diamond weight is measured in Carats. Diamond surfaces may often be filled with other substances or it may be laser treated to remove flaws. Your jeweler should be able to tell you about any filling that may not be permanent.

Many jewelers may sell cubic zirconia as diamonds with names such as ‘Russian diamonds’. Cubic Zirconias look like diamonds, but are actually lab made and hence much more affordable than diamonds. At find some sparkling yet affordable cubic zirconia jewelry. Pick from cubic zirconia rings, cubic zirconia Tiffany Charms, cubic zirconia necklaces, cubic zirconia pendants and cubic zirconia bracelets.

When it comes to pearls, since natural pearls are rare, most pearls used in jewelry are either cultured or imitation pearls. A Pearl’s value is based on its size, and the quality of it’s nacre coating, which imparts the sheen. If buying colored pearls, find out if they are naturally colored, dyed or treated.

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From Hobby to Self Employed in the Handcrafted Jewelry Business

Every successful handcrafted business started as a hobby. Making the move from hobby to business always begins with the same question… I wonder if I can make money doing this? Those who believe it’s possible will then sign up for a few craft fairs with a goal of putting a few extra pennies in their pocket while showing off their creations.

But does that make you a business in the eyes of the IRS? The answer is no; you are simply picking up a few bucks from the sale of handcrafted items. And, although this income should be reported on your annual tax return, it does not belong on a business schedule. Yours is a hobby that produces occasional income. Hobby income is never business income.

According to the IRS the dividing line between hobby income and business income is clear; a business is always profit motivated. And, a business that has profit as its main motive is always looking for ways to increase their income, even if theirs is a part-time activity.

Today’s money is generally not the primary goal when you are in business; most small business owners are building their business for tomorrow. Sure, everyone needs a paycheck, but in order to be successful in business, investments must also be made in that business. Advertising, promotion, new or additional inventory, business classes, networking expenses, and necessary equipment purchases all show that you are trying to grow your business.

Trip expenses that outweigh any potential for profit, the lack of a formal business plan, running your finances out of your personal bank account, and not having a set working schedule are all signs that your goal is not profit minded.

At tax time, the crafter who qualifies to claim their income on the business form is allowed to deduct most losses within their business, even if those losses are more than the income earned. For a crafter still holding a regular job, this will lower the taxes on W-2 income. A hobbyist may only subtract the costs involved in creating items sold, up to the amount of income earned from that same hobby.

Because making money from handcrafted items is classified as a hobby by the IRS, the tax return of a hobbyist turned business owner could be pulled for an audit. If that happens, the IRS will ask you to prove that you are operating as a business. For the crafter with good records that’s an easy audit to win.

So, let your spirit flow when you design your jewelry, but when it comes to the bottom line, if you want to be in the business of handcrafted jewelry remember what the IRS says… acting like a business is the only way you get to file as a business at tax time.

KiKi Canniff is a licensed tax consultant with a talent for making taxes easy to understand. She is the author of the Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Writers, Artists, Self-Publishers and Craftspeople; a financial organizer that explains what the IRS expects to see on your tax return when you are self-employed.

Organizing A Home Based Jewelry Business

The jewelry business has opened your eyes to the reality that it can be worked from the home. The jewelry designer within you has been making beaded jewelry as a hobby and organizing a home based jewelry business is now a priority with the economic turn down.

Serious thought is now given to organizing your office area, work bench, inventory storage, and display space.

The transition from hobbyist to professional jewelry designer will have you moving from the kitchen table to a work bench. The kitchen table served you well when test marketing your jewelry wear with friends, neighbors, relatives, and fellow workers. The amount of orders is telling you to start making professional changes in order to be able to increase your production.

Office area:

Placement of telephone, computer, order taking materials, and delivery schedules.
File cabinet for legal forms, business invoices, order forms and receipts, accounting and tax records, and photo catalog for jewelry designs.
Computer for notification and saving all notices for jewelry shows and events in your community or out- of-state functions, online jewelry sales, and monitoring website, and online orders from customers or for business jewelry supplies, and other jewelry making accessories.


A comfortable working height.
Ergonomically correct sitting stool or chair.
Proper lighting.
Self standing or mounted magnifying glass.
Sectional container for jewelry tools.
Bead, beading thread, wire sectional, and fastener containers for work in progress necessities.
Proper measuring equipment and jewelry boards.

Inventory storage:

Pegboard for hanging strings of beads.
Plastic containers for storing loose beads.
Thread peg holder for storing spools of wire, threading, etc.
Containers holding finished work for quality control review.
Containers to store jewelry by individual colors and sizes.
Library shelving for professional instructional videos, jewelry books, trade magazines, and personal designs and ideas.

Display setup

Display holders for necklaces, bracelets, rings.
Various theme accessories such as weddings and other personal celebrations, national holidays, and seasonal sales.
Attractively draped table to enhance jewelry setups.
Mirrors for customers.
Mini glass or acrylic display cases.
Large glass display cases.
Business sign and business card holder.
Sign up sheet.

Regardless of whether you have customers occasionally coming to view the home display or not, this area needs to be set up for photo shoots of your merchandise.

Arts and crafts shows, art shows, craft shows, bead shows, jewelry shows, cultural festivals, and many other community events where you are able to set up a display usually require a photo of your display setup and photos of the jewelry before being admitted or qualified for their show or event.

Setting up your display center is also a key to organizing a home based jewelry business because it is a living center of your for sale inventory. This setup will make it easier for you to pack if you have a last-minute calling for a commercial or for a home party show

Tricia Deed is a freelance article writer of hobbies, leisure and recreation, and business opportunities. Learn more about the author, Tricia Deed, at her webpage location

Active Influence on Health of Wearing Titanium Jewelry

Twenty years ago, few people had even heard about the titanium jewelry. As a matter of fact, it gets its birth approximately in the 1990s. During two decades, this kind of jewelry expands its wings and gets due recognition in the market day by day. There are many reasons which contribute to its fast growth in the market. One of the most important aspects is its active influence on health.

Promoting blood circulation
You may feel surprised that the function of promoting blood circulation. This is due to two aspects. First, titanium has a property to attract and capture oxygen and transfer it to the body. It is known to all that the oxygen is the necessary element for metabolism. That is to say, the amount of oxygen decides the metabolism and blood circulation. Now you may know the reason. Of course, this only benefit cannot make you wear it every day. The other characteristic of titanium jewelry is the light weight. You almost cannot feel the weight when you wear it. Therefore, it won’t bring burden to your body especially when you choose the necklaces.

Alleviating the pain
We often heard that it is good for carpal tunnel syndrome and cervical spondylopathy healing. You may think it’s ridiculous. However, this saying has science support. As we all know, iron is the basic element of blood. Coincidentally titanium enjoys the magnetic property which can attract the blood cell for the iron element. Besides, magnetic titanium jewelry is known to possess positive charge. In alternative medicine, pain is considered to have a negative charge. Thus, according to the fundamentals of science, positive charge and negative charge nullify each other. Thus, titanium relieves pain by neutralizing the electric field. Thus, many people like to wear necklaces, bangles and rings to alleviate the pain. In modern times, most people are troubled with the cervical spondylopathy in different degree. This is absolutely a piece of good news for them.

Enjoying high biocompatibility
If you are sensitive to nickel element or even gold or silver, you are often strongly recommended that you buy titanium jewelry as a good alternative. This is due to its high biocompatibility, which means it cause little, or no allergies or affections in common situation. This is the reason why most medical devices which are to be fitted inside the body are made of titanium. The possibility of rejection of the device by the body is the minimum in case of titanium.

Of course, titanium jewelry is also characterized by durability and competitive price. Due to all these advantages of the jewelry, you just can not help falling in love with this kind of jewelry. Let’s turn thoughts into action and go to the store to buy a piece of titanium jewelry for you or your best friends or relatives.

Selling Used Gold Jewelry – Avoid the Cash For Gold Rip Off

Selling used gold jewelry can be simple, easy and very profitable if you choose the right kind of gold buyer. The first and most important thing that you should remember when thinking about selling your used jewelry is the fact that your gold jewelry is just as valuable used as it was the day is was bought or given to you. Gold prices are at an all time record high and you should put that unwanted or out of date jewelry to good use. There is no better time than now to cash in your gold for the most cash possible.

Where can you sell your used gold jewelry?

When selling used gold jewelry, you have a couple of different options to think about. The different types of gold buyers have advantages and disadvantages, so you need to consider which choice is best for you before you decide to sell your jewelry.

One of the first places people think about when they decide to sell their gold is their local jewelry store. This type of gold buyer can offer you quick cash for your gold. But if you are going to make sure that you are not falling for the cash for gold rip off, you will need to take your gold to a few different jewelers to get a good comparison of how much money you can expect to get. That sounds like a hassle to me, selling used gold jewelry should not be that complicated. Even if you find a jeweler that you can trust, they simply cannot offer you very much for your gold. They need to make a profit off of you because they are going to have to sell your used jewelry to a refinery. Yep, it’s as simple as that. They are cutting into your profit and literally taking money out of your pocket.

Bangles and Crafted Beauty

Even as a child, I had always been fascinated with casual jewelry. While most girls like the diamond-encrusted bangles or the more intricate golden earrings, I was contented with silver rings and necklaces, and even leather strings that could be braided.

I believe that I liked making my own jewelry as well – when I was in elementary school, one of my relatives bought me a “make your own jewelry” set which mostly consisted of pink and purple hearts. It didn’t help that my sister had also (at that point) taken to picking up random beads that she would find in school. I distinctly remember that accessories made of seed beads were relatively popular at the time; I also remember that they tended to be very fragile. My sister therefore had a decent collection of beads, particularly seed beads. It became a game to us, threading those beads into lovely but simple necklaces using sewing thread.

At first, the jewelry we made were pretty straight forward – most of the seed beads were orange, white, yellow and black, and we would alternate the colors using that pattern: orange, white, yellow then black. Eventually, we decided to change it up, by randomizing the color patterns of the beads and then maybe throwing in different kinds of beads every ten seed beads. We lost those necklaces, and for a long, long time, we’d forgotten all about the joy of actually making simple jewelry.

By the time I hit high school, I had pretty much gone back to buying simple but pretty trinkets like silver chains with funky pendants. I had actually stopped thinking about making my own jewelry, when it used to make me feel so good, knowing that I made something I could wear (because seriously, I can’t design and sew clothes to save my life), something that made me feel pretty and unique. I always believed that anything you design and make on your own is one-of-a-kind. But at that point, like most other teenagers, I thought that everything I did was either stupid or not as good as I wanted them to be.

It wouldn’t be until I hit college that my love affair with home-made jewelry would be rekindled. It’s not clear when I felt that crafted jewelry brought out a certain charm that failed to manifest itself in mass-produced accessories – it might have been when one of my friends decorated an old choker of hers with old beads and a steel pendant, or it may have been when my mother got into the business of designing and selling semi-precious stone jewelry sets that became an instant sensation among family friends. All I remember was waking up with a subtle twitch in my heart that encouraged me to do something, anything, with my hands.

That Christmas, under the pretense of trying to save money, my sister and I decided to make jewelry for our friends instead of buying them presents. Each piece was unique and belonged only to those individual persons, and I was so happy and proud about having actually made something from the heart (as opposed to buying something with a thought) to give to the people who mattered to me. The feeling is exhilarating, and I realized at that moment that I am capable of making beautiful items, things that are crafted not only from letters and words, but also from actual stuff that you can touch.

My mom has since quit the business because her job became too demanding, and we were left with tons of leftover material. Not wanting to exhaust them, I would only make unique jewelry for special occasions. But they always come out beautiful, because they come from the heart.

Spotting The Faux Diamond Jewelry

It is important to understand or have a basic knowledge on differentiating a fake and a real diamond. This would make sure that you are not committing any kind of financial mistake or investment. The best thing that you could do to check on the authenticity of your diamond jewelry is to take it to an independent and professional jeweller to get it appraised.

However, there are simple things that could do that would help you make smart decisions when choosing your diamond jewelry.

* Making a good decision would rely on how educated you are. Learn about diamonds or the 4 Cs of diamonds: color, cut, carat and clarity. There are numerous websites that offer an insight on how you could determine the quality of a diamond based on the 4 Cs.

* Working with reputable and trusted jewellers would also make sure that you are not getting involved in any kind of fraudulent transactions. It could be a those national and big chains or you could work with a local jeweller, what’s important is that you are working that already has an established reputation in the business.

* It always pay to ask the retailer. There are some jewellers who would not offer information unless you ask them. For example, you could ask the retailer if the diamond jewerly you are fancying is indeed jewelry or a similar stone called the moissanite. Ask questions about the stone or jewel.

* Settings would give you an insight if you are getting a true diamond. Since diamonds are expensive stones, it is normal that it would be mounted on a setting that would compliment its value. If the setting is poorly crafted then it is likely that you are not getting a valuable stone.

* Some would say that fake diamonds sparkle like rainbows. It is true. A real diamond would give off shades of gray when sparkling. Those that give rainbow shades are most likely copy cats.

* Another test that most buyers would do would be transparency test. It could be done if you are buying loose diamond stones. This would allow you to put the stone on top of a newspaper and check if you could see through it. If you can then you could be dealing with a bogus stone, since diamonds would not properly disperse light.

* Diamonds are known to be one of the hardest stones out there. So check if the diamond jewelry bears any kind of imperfection like scratches, nicks, etc. Diamond jewelries are still capable of sustaining such defects, but too much scratches or imperfections could be suspicious.

* Diamond certificates are also another proof that the diamond jewels are for real. A jeweller or a retailer would offer this certificate along with the purchase. You could get a certificate from the GIA or EGL.

However, fake diamonds are not always bad. You could get them affordably and almost has the same look as the real diamonds in untrained eyes. Since it is more affordable, lost or damaged jewelries would be easier to replace. Aside from that any jewel, diamond or fake jewelry, cannot exceed the intention and sincerity of the person who will be giving it.

The Importance of Jewelry Gift Boxes

As a business owner, jewelry gift boxes may be something you think about and plan for when buying products for your customer’s purchases. Though your pieces may be low cost or high end, the box itself plays a special role in the experience that the customer has as well as the experience the receiver ends up having. Imagine being given a ring in a bag. It would not be nearly as impressive. That’s why these little bits of cardboard are so important to consider. However, many businesses do not put enough time into choosing the right product for their needs.

What to Think About Before Buying

Before reaching for the same old jewelry gift boxes, think about what you are buying and what it means to the business, customer and receiver. In short, the quality of what is in these is going to be determined initially by the box. Something worth more is going to be in a box that helps it to stand out. Keeping that in mind, consider the following things when selecting these products.

€ Size is important. It is necessary to have a range of sizes that fit the specific needs of the item placed within them. However, something that is too small or too large is not going to look professionally cared for. Therefore, select something that offers the right type of sizing for the items.

€ Quality is important as well. Something that’s simply folded together is not enough. Select an item that looks as though it was made with care and precision. This will make a difference in the overall experience of anyone who purchases it.

€ Is there a finish to the box or not? A finished box, perhaps with or without a coloring, can make a difference in the overall prestige of the item as well. Select a product that stands out.

€ The customization factor is also important. No matter if it is embossing or printing, the company’s name and logo should be on the box. This helps those who buy it or receive it to know exactly what to experience and expect when they are getting it. It also tells them where to go back for more.

Every one of these factors is an important one in the selection of jewelry gift boxes, anything less than this could be a problem for you. Look for high quality and give a box that you would not mind getting if you were on the other side of the coin. Most businesses benefit from repeat customers. However, knowing how to bring them back it can be a challenge. The right box is a simple and effective way to accomplish this.

The Top 10 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Valentine’S Day

It seems like majority of us are struggling a little bit in a €day sanctioned for romantic-themed gifts€- the Valentine’s day.

So, what to do different this time?

Mike Nekta, the jewelry diamond expert attempted to assemble information and ideas which help spark the creativity and energy in the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Factors including age, gender as well as regional influences are no longer the criteria for anyone wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Look at what the recipient already wears€¦The colors, the patterns, the quantity, the type of metal€¦you’re not likely to replace a highly sentimental piece but you can certainly complement it or start a tradition if none yet exists. In case your recipient is practical rather than sentimental, try jewelry which incorporates a timepiece. These can be found in bracelets, necklaces, and yes, even rings. If he or she is a sports-minded then give or her a jewelry which can be found in the shape of basketballs or any other sport material. New age? Religious? Into heirlooms? Look around and match the style to the gift.

Presenting personalized jewelry is a creative way to make your jewelry gift extra special without breaking the bank. Through adding a name, monogram or a photo, your sweetheart will realize that you put the extra thought into finding the perfect gift. Personalized jewelry is also available for men, pocket watches, money clips and engraved cufflinks are sure to be a hit.

Jewelry can be a treasured gift that can last a lifetime. So, consider the types of Jewerly when choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love.

1.Diamond Engagement Ring

This is definitely tops the list of Valentine’s Day jewelry ideas.
Tip: A gorgeous Solitaire Diamond Set on platinum of white gold will give a contemporary look and will have a timeless appeal as well.

2.A Solitaire or Cluster Diamond Ring

A diamond right hand ring will send all the right messages especially the solitaire or a cluster diamonds ring. This is perfect if you don’t feel the time is right for a lifetime commitment.

3.Necklace With a Heart Pendant

Since Valentine’s Day concerns the heart, white gold with inset diamonds will look stunning while a heart-shaped locket with a special photographic memory inside is also ideal to present. This will be a memento of your love that he/she will treasure forever.

4.Jewelry Set

Garnet are truly the stones of love, so any jewellery adorned with these beautiful gemstones will let your partner know exactly how you feel. Bracelets, pendants and earrings will all reflect the passion of your love.

5.Turquoise Heart-Shaped Earrings

Turquoise can expect to be a popular choice for that gift of jewelry at Valentine’s day. He or she will be able to wear for years to remind him or her of you.

6.Charm Bracelets

This is perennial favorite. They provide the perfect platform for your show of affection. That charm bracelet could be a heart or a specifically engraved piece with a special message.

7.Celtic Love Knots

These are perfect for guys and girls. They look good on anyone, with all manner of designs available, these can be engraved so that the occasion of giving will never be forgotten.


Heart-Shaped studs are timeless and elegant Valentine’s Day gift and can be engraved so that the occasion of giving will never be forgotten

9.A Watch

A watch is always a special gift and will remind him/her of you on every occasion that he or she checks the time.

10.Couples Ring

Simple Piece of Advice

€It is important to start planning and be well prepared for that Valentine’s Day gift at least a few weeks in advance.
€Analyze the stage of your relationships with the person to whom you plan to surprise or delight with a gift.
€Understand his or her personality type. It helps you to know the person intimately.
€The gift should be in tune with the preferences of your loved one. Remember, mismatched gift will spoil the effect you want to create.
€Even if the gift is inexpensive, it should be tasteful and should conform to the nature of the occasion.

It is the thought behind the gift that counts. And if your gift is able to convey this to your special someone, then your gift becomes invaluable.

Expert in creating handcrafted, diamond rings and bridal jewelry is Mike Nekta. He can help you choose the perfect gift for your love ones this Valentine’s day. His breath taking designs of engagement rings, diamond jewelries, wedding bands, custom-made engagement rings are best designs and craftsmanship. You can visit his showroom at located in the NYC diamond district, not far from Time Square and Rockefeller Center or give him a call at (212)-921-4647.

It depends on what value the gift has added to the occasion and your relationship in the long run.

Worldwide Jewelry Companies and Buyers

A number of individuals treasure jewelry and they can do anything to have one. As a matter of fact, many people use jewelry as symbols to their union, to show love as well as to express appreciation. Has it ever come to your notice that a high percentage of ladies treasure as well as buy jewelry more than men. No hard feeling! This article is going to is going bring to the fore the best worldwide jewelry companies and buyers, running across all sex device.

Do you know that the desire for jewelry market is on the rise day in day out? A lot of individuals are eyeing precious jewelry without mind their prices or the place of origin. Despite the economic inflation that had been experience in the recent times, the world still yearns for high priced precious jewelry. In addition, the collapse of stock market never had any effect on the jewelry market. According to the statics the jewelry market has been growing tremendously since the year 2002. As you are reading this article take note that the jewelry market is firm and in control of the economy of many countries. Online stores as well as physical stores are doing so well, this basically informs you that the jewelry industry is alive and kicking.

For several years jewelry stores sales has been hitting great heights with over 5.9 %, however the slowdown in the economic in 2000 took a better part of this flourishing industry. This never killed the industry. As a matter of fact, the industry was still performed better than any other industry. The slowdown of the jewelry market took the shortest time and the industry was up and running like never before. Let me surprise you! The jewelry market never varnishes however drastic the economic challenges could be. Buyers still increase, new stores open up and the chain of distribution expands.

Immediately after the ecess, the jewelry store managed to step up there sale by a magine of 0.7%. do you thinks this is a tremedous step? Maybe you aren’t seeing the increase lets move on! In subsequeate years, sales got better new jewelary distribution channels were opened up with a number of orders suplied around. According to our observation consumer demand for jewelry is toproof surpasing the supply. Does this mean that cheap jewelry are being suplied in the market? I guess no! jewelry falls in the category of top notch accessery that fade very fast from the market, which basically means the purchase of such accessory is continuos.

Fashion jewelry give a feel of beauty that attract both the old and the young. They are fashioned to make you feel beautiful as well as keep time. Keep time I said? Yes! Watches are fashioned as jewelry or can act as jewelry. Let me break it down. Jewelry are accessory made to be worn as addition accessory with an aim of making you feel beautiful. That said than done, here are a number of jewelry earing, neckleies, bangles, watch rests and many more.

Back to the topic, jewelry store have remain the sole source of fine jewelry in the world, the mercantile are taking a bigger share of customer jewelry spending. At the moment wal mart has taken an exceptional share of jewelry retail store. But do you what? Market dimentions are changing very fast. In the recent times wholesale jewelry stores have turned to internet to attract a large market. The internet plays a critical roles as in marketing jewelry. Lots of order are always processed through online platform. In addition, many jewelry manufacturer have embraced online marketing platform to easy as well as reduce marketing expenses. Internet as a marketing platform has numerious advantages contrary to other marketing avenue.

Internet marketing is cheap, hassle free as well as reacheable by a great number of people. Additional, due to change in market dimension retails stores like wal mart have decide also to sell their jewerly online. People are always triggered to purchase fashion jewelry despite the high price. You need to understand that jewelry distributors are always watching out for the latest trending jewelry to make a catch. When searching for a jewelry online, always take time to understand the online store to repress chances of being duped.